Autonomy Lost and Regained: The Ukrainian Orthodox Metropolia of Kyiv, 1633-2019

Antimension of Varlaam (Iasyns'kyi), 1692

Woodblock print on linen (17 in × 20 in)
UHEC Patriarch Mstyslav Museum Permanent Collection

This antimension demonstrates in no uncertain terms the change in the status of the Kyiv Metropolia that occurred in 1686. Unlike Sylvester Kosov and Dionisii Balaban just a few decades earlier, Varlaam is no longer "exarch of the Most Holy Apostolic Throne of Constantinople" and he is acknowledging the political rule of Moscow.

Iasyns'kyi studied at the Kyiv Collegium, then continued with further studies in Poland and Bohemia. He went on to become the rector of the Collegium, a monk at the Monastery of the Caves, where he managed the monastery's printing shop. Although Varlaam was elected locally and attempted to shield the Kyiv Metropolia from Moscow's interference, he was ultimately powerless in the face of the forces against him.

Text transcription

Б[о]ж[ес]твенный и С[вя]щенный Олтарь Г[оспо]да Б[о]га и Сп[а]са н[а]шего І[су]са Хр[ис]та, Ѡс[вя]щен Бл[а]г[ода]тію Всес[вя]т[о]го и Животворящаго Д[у]ха. Рукодѣйстве[нъ] же и Бл[а]г[осло]вен Правосла[в]ным М[и]л[ос]тію Б[о]жіею Митрополитом Кіевски[м] Галіцки[м] и Все[я] Малы[я] Росіи, ВАРЛААМОМЪ. При Державѣ Пресвѣтлѣйшихъ державнѣйшихъ и Бл[а]гоч[eс]тивѣйшихъ Великихъ Г[осу]д[а]рей н[а]шихъ Ц[а]рeй и Великихъ Кн[я]зей ІѠАННА АЛЕѮѢЕВИЧА ПЕТРА АЛЕѮѢЕВИЧА, Всея Великія и Малыя и Бѣлыя Рѡссіи Самодержцeвъ.

В лѣто ѿ Соꙁданія Міра 7200 от Воплощенія же Б[о]га Слова 1692 М[ѣся]ца Марта, дня 24, Воіже С[вя]щеннодѣйствовати на немъ Б[o]ж[ес]твенную Лѵ[ту]ргію В храмѣ [...]

[signature of Metropolitan Varlaam]

Text translation

The Holy and Sanctified Altar of our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ, sanctified by the grace of the All-holy and Life-creating Spirit. By the hand and blessing of the Orthodox (by the grace of God) Metropolitan of Kyiv, Halych, and all Little Russia VARLAAM. Under the rule of our most glorious, powerful, most benevolent and great rulers Tsars and Great Princes IVAN ALEKSEEVICH [and] PETER ALEXEEVICH, Monarchs of All Great, Little, and White Russia.

In the year 7200 from the creation of the world and the year 1692 from the Incarnation of God the Word, on the 24th day of the month of March, for the celebration on it of the Divine Liturgy in the church [...]

[signature of Metropolitan Varlaam]

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